Friday, April 29, 2011

Enuff said

This says it all, we can all learn something from this post. I do not know where it originally came from but I borrowed from the web.... and want it to be something I meditate on... how bout you?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Randon thoughts

As the title says this post is just random thoughts.... the picture is of Whiskeytown Falls, they are just 5 miles from our house. Oh yeah 5 miles and a hike that could kill you lol, I did the hike it did not kill me just made me want to die. LOL It is so beautiful and worth the killer hike to get to them. We live in a very beautiful area.

Easter has come and gone and I survived.... the first holiday EVER that both of our sons were not at our dinner table, I survived, life did not stop, I survived.

The day after Easter the 25th, marked the 17th anniversary of my mothers going home to be with her Saviour. It is always a mixed bag of emotions every year on this day. But as I have said here before life is about changing nothing ever stays the same. I do miss my mom, her smile, her laugh, and her story telling, she could have a room full of people laughing so hard they could not breathe..... oh how I miss her.

The Royal Wedding is just days away. Did you get your invitation??? wink wink. Me either, but my wife and I love a good wedding and we will be watching, not at 1 am, when they start the broadcast here on the West coast,no we will catch it later, they will be rerunning it all day no need to loose sleep over it, lol. Oh how my wife and I love a wedding, we will stop and watch a ceremony in a park, feeling a bit guilty by being there but just marveling in the wondrous new love, and the hopes and dreams that are there in that moment... so wonderful.

Speaking of weddings and such, our youngest son, who I have wrote about here. Well he told my wife and I that he and his soon to be ex wife are going to give their marriage another try. We are cautiously excited about this. We told him that they cannot continue to do the same things they have done and expect a different outcome, that they needed to change things, get counseling. We will see, we pray that they can work things out, that this dream of a life long commitment to each other works for them. He brought her to Easter dinner, the first time we have seen our daughter in law since October, it was a sweet reunion. We love our children's spouses as our own, we want the best for them and we pray for them. Please keep them in your prayers too.

Spring is here in all Her Glory!! And are we ever glad! Those months and months of rain was taking its toll on me. I am so enjoying the wonderful sunshine and warmth of the sun... Now it is time to get out and work in my garden, so many things to do.

So with that I am signing off, as the title says these are just some of my random thoughts in this journey we call life.
Blessings to you and yours

Monday, April 11, 2011

Community Service ~ Woman's Refuge

For the last 2 months I have been drumming up pledges for a fund raising event I was taking part in. I was asked by a family member to walk in this event. I was going to be Walking A Mile In Her Shoes, a fund raiser for our local Woman's Refuge.

This wonderful place offers assistance for those people, both women and men, who find themselves in domestic violence situations, and also offers assistance to those individuals who have been sexually assaulted. But they offer so much more, I will get to that in a minute.

Through the wonders of Facebook, and my wonderful family and friends, We, and I say we because it was a group effort, we raised $900.00 for the Redding Women's Refuge. All I did was put on a pair of Red Glittered 3 inch platform shoes and walked my mile. It was a great event, raising money for a Great Organization.
I walked my mile, my feet were killing me!!! But it was all for a good cause. I finished and then went about my day.

My wife and I had errands to run and as we always do on a Saturday we stopped by a few yard sales. At one such sale, a young lady walked up to me and asked if she could shake my hand, I was a bit confused but extended my hand, she said she noticed that I had my Walk A Mile In Her Shoes shirt on and she wanted to thank me for walking.. She then told my wife and I that several years ago she and her then toddler child, had used the services of the Redding Woman's Refuge. She was ending an abusive relationship and needed a place to stay and the Refuge offered that to her and her child.
Now some people may think that this is some weird coincidence, but NOT me I truly feel that this was Divine intervention, putting me at that yard sale, with the t- shirt proclaiming that I had just finished this event. I stood in amazement that before I had walked in this event I had NEVER had one person walk up to me and tell me their story of abuse. I was touched beyond words.

I write this blog today acknowledging that there are bad things that happen to good people. Knowing full well that there are times in everyone's life that they need a hand up, without judgement, without fear of condemnation.

Agencies such as the Redding Woman's Refuge are a needed part of our community, though I wish it were not so. They assist those who are in the deepest depths of despair and who need to have someone there to guide them through what may seem to them to be the darkest days of their lives. Those people who volunteer at the Refuge give them unconditional love and support all the while guiding them though the process of getting their lives back in order. And to those Volunteers I stand at attention and in awe of their unwavering love and support to these individuals.

So my 3 inch Red Glitter platform shoes are now put away in the back of my closet, but only until next year. Because every year Women's Refuges all over the nation need to be supported. And I can do that one walk at a time, raising as much money as I can to help support this awesome cause.

As you go about your life this next year stop and pray for those people who find themselves in abusive relationships, and those who find themselves the victims of sexual assault. Knowing that we can ALL make a difference if we just take the time to. Even if it is just walking a mile in her shoes..... in this journey we call life......

Blessings to you and yours

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is here in all HER Glory

Well since I have been bemoaning and lamenting for quite sometime about how dreary the weather has been and how I wished the sun would shine..... I am here to say that yep Spring is here in all HER wondrous Glory!!!! This week has been a wonderful week of sunshine, warm temperatures, and just great weather!!!

My wife and I went for a walk on our famous Sundial Bridge here in Redding California. And to be honest it was more like as stroll because there were so many people that we knew walking.

We would stroll for a bit and then we would stop and visit, so it was a wonderful walk. The day was warm, the sun was shining and it was beautiful... We truly live in a beautiful place with so many miles and miles of walking and bike riding trails. As you walk you can watch fly fisher persons fishing, watch drift boats with fisher persons fishing, watch kayak's go by and then the wildlife. It is so pretty.

I posted on my Facebook yesterday that I, being a gardener cannot wait until I can get my hands in the dirt and plant some beautiful flowers. I love this time of year. One of my favorite flowers/ plants is the Geranium, and the color?? RED. They just make me smile and I have them planted at our house in my flower beds, in flower pots and just every where. I posted a picture of Geraniums in flower boxes, so pretty, and then when I went to the grocery store what did they have???? Yep you guessed it RED Geraniums in all their glory, what is a gardener man to do? I tell you they JUMPED into my basket, so I HAD to take them home.

I use the excuse that I love Geraniums because they are natural mosquito repellents, and since we live on a creek.... I am just saying. But to be honest even when we did not live near water I planted them, and as I say they just make me smile. But I have read more than once, that the reason the homes in Europe have window boxes and they are filled with Geraniums is because they do repel mosquito's....

So this week end I am planting my RED Geraniums, and smiling! I am also marveling in this wonderful weather we are having, and going to enjoy every minute of it. So as I sit on my deck, after I do my planting of course, I will think of you, and wish you good wishes, and happy thoughts as we all travel through this journey we call life.........................
Blessings to you and yours