Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring is here in all HER Glory

Well since I have been bemoaning and lamenting for quite sometime about how dreary the weather has been and how I wished the sun would shine..... I am here to say that yep Spring is here in all HER wondrous Glory!!!! This week has been a wonderful week of sunshine, warm temperatures, and just great weather!!!

My wife and I went for a walk on our famous Sundial Bridge here in Redding California. And to be honest it was more like as stroll because there were so many people that we knew walking.

We would stroll for a bit and then we would stop and visit, so it was a wonderful walk. The day was warm, the sun was shining and it was beautiful... We truly live in a beautiful place with so many miles and miles of walking and bike riding trails. As you walk you can watch fly fisher persons fishing, watch drift boats with fisher persons fishing, watch kayak's go by and then the wildlife. It is so pretty.

I posted on my Facebook yesterday that I, being a gardener cannot wait until I can get my hands in the dirt and plant some beautiful flowers. I love this time of year. One of my favorite flowers/ plants is the Geranium, and the color?? RED. They just make me smile and I have them planted at our house in my flower beds, in flower pots and just every where. I posted a picture of Geraniums in flower boxes, so pretty, and then when I went to the grocery store what did they have???? Yep you guessed it RED Geraniums in all their glory, what is a gardener man to do? I tell you they JUMPED into my basket, so I HAD to take them home.

I use the excuse that I love Geraniums because they are natural mosquito repellents, and since we live on a creek.... I am just saying. But to be honest even when we did not live near water I planted them, and as I say they just make me smile. But I have read more than once, that the reason the homes in Europe have window boxes and they are filled with Geraniums is because they do repel mosquito's....

So this week end I am planting my RED Geraniums, and smiling! I am also marveling in this wonderful weather we are having, and going to enjoy every minute of it. So as I sit on my deck, after I do my planting of course, I will think of you, and wish you good wishes, and happy thoughts as we all travel through this journey we call life.........................
Blessings to you and yours

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  1. Isn't bumping into people you know one of the things you love about walking around our beautiful city? My husband and I like to go to the bridge in the evenings during summer after we have had a nice dinner out. Often times, we see someone we know and if not, that's okay too. The time spent on the river makes us happy. Thanks for sharing, Curtis. I hope to see some photos of your garden sometime soon. Blessings, Amber