Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Misplaced items or opps I lost that!

So this morning I get up do my regular routine, and head off to work. I stop by my new favorite coffee shop, Breaking New Grounds here in Redding. I have my morning cup of joe, then off to the dry cleaners to pick up my dry cleaning. As I pull up to my office I reach for my cell phone because it has not gone off yet, and I am on call, when I am on call the phone usually does not stop ringing. So I reach for it and to my HORROR there is no phone in my pocket. Now I know that I put it in my pocket when I left the house I search the car, and then go into my office and call my cell number, this has worked before, oh yeah I have misplaced my phone a few times LOL. No luck, no I am panicking, so I call both the coffee shop, and the dry cleaner to see if I had left it at either place, no such luck. No worries I say I MUST have forgotten it at home, so off I drive to my house to get my phone. When I enter the house it is too quiet, I call the cell number again and no sound, now I am beginning to worry. Lots of thoughts are running through my head, where could I have lost it, does someone else have it, all of my families and work contact numbers are in that phone..... So I drive and retrace my stops in the morning, I have already called both places, but they both say no phone..... I am beginning to panic, I drive to the dry cleaners, and ask the girl at the counter if anyone has turned in a cell phone, she says she will check and low and behold there it is, my cell phone, my life line to all the people I know, I am so relieved. I thanked both of the employee's at the dry cleaners, and as I am leaving I say out loud " Thank you Lord for letting me find my cell phone", I hear from behind me a voice, saying what about me, you should be saying Thank you Greg, that is the employee's name who found the phone. I smiled and then turned around and said thank you Greg, but all along I knew it was the Lord who allowed me to find my phone, a small black and silver thing no bigger than a credit card that we all have become so tied to over the years. So I say THANK YOU LORD for using Greg, there he gets his accolades, in helping me find my phone. Lesson learned, don't panic, PRAY, don't start the what ifs , PRAY, don't worry PRAY, GOD answers prayer even for lost cell phones. Sending Blessings you way , oh and can I get your number for my cell??? Blessings Curtis

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

So this week end we are celebrating Mother's Day, a day to offer appreciation to the woman who not only gave birth to you but who nurtured you through all of life's ups and downs along the way. To those of you who still have your Mother here, make sure that you let them know how much you love them, how much you appreciate all that they did for you growing up, and how much you appreciate them now for all they do for you. Our Mother's have given to us unconditional Love, through out our lives and we in turn need to honor them with our love.

For those of you whose Mother's are no longer here with them, and I include myself in this, as my mother passed 16 years ago from Cancer. We need to remember our Mother's so that their memories do not fall by the way side. We need to honor them by remembering them, their laugh, their jokes, their quirky ways, the way that they made us laugh.... and yes the way that they loved us also unconditionally.

So on this Mother's Day Week End 2010, please take the time to tell your mom that you love them, that you appreciate them, that you are grateful for the sacrifices big and small that they made for you while you were growing up.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers out there..... We collectively love you even when we don't tell you, you are the life blood of our families, and our first love.... Blessings to you Mother's on this Blessed Day................ Curtis

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giving back

Last night I met with a group of amazing people who give back to the community in so many ways. It was a group made up of artists, construction workers, Administrators, and shop owners, who collectively have a mission to give back to this community that we all live in. I was in awe of the time and effort this small group puts in to offer something back to others. We collectively probably would not even know each other as we all run in different circles here in this mid sized city. But given a cause, and the cause that we choose to work with is our Woman's Refuge, a place where battered women and children can find respite in their time of need. In this current economic crisis that we all find ourselves monies are being taken away from programs like this, programs that each community desperately needs, though we wish we did not need them we do. So we this band of Angels will meet each month to put on a Community Event , a little something we call Home Hop, a tour of wonderful homes in our area, this event takes place the last Sunday of April each year. We look for people who are willing to open their homes to us to use on this tour to raise money. And these people are also Angels who give from their hearts. So today I am thankful for people, Angels who offer their time and talents to others so that those in need can find peace in their often chaotic and frightening world. Blessings to all of you out there who volunteer in what every capacity that you do, because you DO make a difference someone along the way. Sending Blessings to you all................... Curtis

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily life in the Gulch

We live in a small town, and I mean small less than 500 residents. So there is not a lot to do in the Gulch, as we locals call it, as it is properly named French Gulch. So every morning, I get up and go outside to see what God has made bloom just for me on that day. Today I find that a beautiful purple Iris is blooming on a stem that is probably at least 4 feet tall, it is commanding in the little flower bed that it is in, but oh so pretty. I also noticed that my Peonies are just beginning to open, I cannot wait for them to unfurl their beautiful petals releasing their intoxicating perfume all over the garden. Next to the Peonies my French Lavender is also blooming. So after I see all of this in the front yard, I go around to the back year to see one of my favorite David Austin roses blooming and filling the back patio with it's intoxicating fragerance. I am truely blessed, as I sit down to take all of this in, I notice that the birds are at the feeder and the creek is just rushing by.... I do not want to go to work today, but I must.... so I reluctantly get up and go into the house to get ready for work. I have already had an awesome day just taking in God's wonder. How is your day going? Stop and smell the flowers along the way.... Blessings to you and yours, Curtis and Sherrie

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life' challenges

So I was rear ended on 04/23/10 by what appeared to be a nice man, we exchanged information, was totally his fault I was sitting at a red light and was rear ended by him because , and these are his words " I just finished a 12 hour shift and I was not paying attention... no worries we both have insurance we exchanged information went about our ways.... It is now two weeks later, well almost, and I just received a phone call from his adjuster saying that they have not been able to get a hold of him and if they cannot get in touch with him, they cannot put a claim against his insurance .... without his permission....now my car is ready to be put into the shop to be fixed... this gets me so mad, you get hit by someone and the insurance company says that they need HIS permission to pay to get my car fixed.... what has this country come to when you get hit and you need the permission of the person who hit you to get your damage taken care of. I am just a bit frustrated, and to make matters worse we are supposed to be leaving for our first cruise in 9 days.... and we only have the one car.... I do not know what we are going to do... I will just have to give it to GOD and let him work it out because I am exhausted with it all..... and in the end I will just chalk all this up to life's experiences, in this journey called life..... wish you Blessings from above.... Curtis