Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily life in the Gulch

We live in a small town, and I mean small less than 500 residents. So there is not a lot to do in the Gulch, as we locals call it, as it is properly named French Gulch. So every morning, I get up and go outside to see what God has made bloom just for me on that day. Today I find that a beautiful purple Iris is blooming on a stem that is probably at least 4 feet tall, it is commanding in the little flower bed that it is in, but oh so pretty. I also noticed that my Peonies are just beginning to open, I cannot wait for them to unfurl their beautiful petals releasing their intoxicating perfume all over the garden. Next to the Peonies my French Lavender is also blooming. So after I see all of this in the front yard, I go around to the back year to see one of my favorite David Austin roses blooming and filling the back patio with it's intoxicating fragerance. I am truely blessed, as I sit down to take all of this in, I notice that the birds are at the feeder and the creek is just rushing by.... I do not want to go to work today, but I must.... so I reluctantly get up and go into the house to get ready for work. I have already had an awesome day just taking in God's wonder. How is your day going? Stop and smell the flowers along the way.... Blessings to you and yours, Curtis and Sherrie


  1. Thanks so much, Curtis and Sherrie, for your comment on my new blog. Yes, those grandbabies are the cutest gardeners ever. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Curtis, this is so lovely. What a great way to start off your day. Rejoicing his beauty. Everyone should start their day off like you do.