Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Misplaced items or opps I lost that!

So this morning I get up do my regular routine, and head off to work. I stop by my new favorite coffee shop, Breaking New Grounds here in Redding. I have my morning cup of joe, then off to the dry cleaners to pick up my dry cleaning. As I pull up to my office I reach for my cell phone because it has not gone off yet, and I am on call, when I am on call the phone usually does not stop ringing. So I reach for it and to my HORROR there is no phone in my pocket. Now I know that I put it in my pocket when I left the house I search the car, and then go into my office and call my cell number, this has worked before, oh yeah I have misplaced my phone a few times LOL. No luck, no I am panicking, so I call both the coffee shop, and the dry cleaner to see if I had left it at either place, no such luck. No worries I say I MUST have forgotten it at home, so off I drive to my house to get my phone. When I enter the house it is too quiet, I call the cell number again and no sound, now I am beginning to worry. Lots of thoughts are running through my head, where could I have lost it, does someone else have it, all of my families and work contact numbers are in that phone..... So I drive and retrace my stops in the morning, I have already called both places, but they both say no phone..... I am beginning to panic, I drive to the dry cleaners, and ask the girl at the counter if anyone has turned in a cell phone, she says she will check and low and behold there it is, my cell phone, my life line to all the people I know, I am so relieved. I thanked both of the employee's at the dry cleaners, and as I am leaving I say out loud " Thank you Lord for letting me find my cell phone", I hear from behind me a voice, saying what about me, you should be saying Thank you Greg, that is the employee's name who found the phone. I smiled and then turned around and said thank you Greg, but all along I knew it was the Lord who allowed me to find my phone, a small black and silver thing no bigger than a credit card that we all have become so tied to over the years. So I say THANK YOU LORD for using Greg, there he gets his accolades, in helping me find my phone. Lesson learned, don't panic, PRAY, don't start the what ifs , PRAY, don't worry PRAY, GOD answers prayer even for lost cell phones. Sending Blessings you way , oh and can I get your number for my cell??? Blessings Curtis

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