Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacations and the aftermath....

Well my wife and I received an incredible gift from my aunt, my mothers sister, she paid for us to go on a cruise to Alaska. It was wonderful, well most parts were wonderful..... see my wife has wanted to go on a cruise for ever, I on the other hand have always been um afraid... because I get car sick.... and when you are on a boat, oh yeah I was corrected several times it is a SHIP.... you just cannot get off whenever you want too.... Anyhoo, we go on this fabulous cruise, the SHIP is great, the food fabulous, we met some amazing people, and Alaska, well it is just beautiful. So the first 4 days were wonderful, we were loving this cruising lifestyle vacation.... the service, the food, the people all waiting on you... nothing better. Then the 5th, day well the 5th day, it was actually our 31st anniversary, we had planned a wonderful day on the ship just enjoying each others company, but mother nature had other plans. The weather turned bad, we had 70 mile per hour winds, and 40 foot seas.... well for this land lubber that was just a bit much, did I mention I get car sick??? It is nothing compared to what was happening in our little cabin on the high seas, I have never been so sick in all my life, it was awful, we could not stand up we had to grab onto the rails in the hallway and literally pull ourselves along in the hallway. This was my worst nightmare coming true, my fear about going on a cruise was that I would get sick and get sick I did... awful just awful, but then on the other had we have a story to tell about our 31st anniversary, our friends tell me that I will look back on this and laugh with abandon about it, and regale the story over and over... I think it will be some time before I can laugh about it, but it was truly a trip of a life time..... So if you want to go on a cruise by all mean GO, you will survive, you will have stories to tell, you will meet wonderful people and see great places.... just know that mother nature and the high seas are no match for mortal man ...... Blessings to all Curtis

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