Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Heat is on well Almost....

The last couple of days here in sunny Northern California have been a bit hot and humid.. Now we are used to it being hot but HUMID??? NOT I do not like the humidity and do not know how people who live in parts of the country where it is humid all summer deal with it.

That said I do love the early summer, flowers are still blooming with abandon, it has not gotten too hot that we all retreat to our homes with our coolers and air conditioners on. We can still sit out on the deck and watch the birds, and deer, all the while listening to the creek rush by, it is now slowing down from the big run off from the winter storms and snow pack that we have here in our area, and in a few weeks it will be just a slow moving babbling creek but it does run all summer long never drying up. The kids in the area even damn it up with rocks from the bottom of the creek making a great swimming hole that the entire community enjoys, especially when it gets to over 100 degree's.

I love living here on the creek, being able to just while away the afternoon listening to it rush by; enjoying a glass of wine and the good company of my wife or who ever drops by.

My yard is still a work in progress so as I sit here I imagine my Tuscan style patio with the pea gravel floor and open pergola finished with grapes and trumpet vine intermingling on it. So much still to do, but for me the planning process is as much fun as the actual finished project. Are you like that too?? I love planning a project, tweaking in the process, making it better , or at least in my eyes better, and then when it is done I look at it and relish in the fact that this was once just a thought in my head and I made it come to life. Well I see some roses that need dead heading, and some other things that need to be done here in the yard so I will bye for now, Blessings to you Curtis and Sherrie

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