Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Beginnings, Graduation Time

So here we are the first week of June, summer is quickly coming upon us. Here in the area where I live Graduations are happening all over. Graduation time evokes feelings of hope, new beginnings, optimism, feelings of I can conquer the world.

Remember back to your own Graduation, how you felt, feelings of relief that you were done with that chapter of your life, and you were beginning a new chapter that had yet to be written.

So many things to do, to experience, to enjoy... as a young person you have the world before you, so make your mark on this world. Go out and do the things that you have been dreaming about, go to college, get married, have children, see the world. Write your life song on the walls of the world, make the world a better place just because you are in it.

We all felt this way as we embarked on our own personal journeys into this life of adulthood, the rights of passage that everyone takes. We all want to make the world a better place, be the change we want in others.

So as I write today I am writing for those of you who will don cap and gown and take that walk across that stage going from childhood to adulthood in one small stroll. Go on make all us proud, do the things you have wanted to do, but don't forget in the process, who helped you get here, who you are, who loves you, who you love, and that you will forever be in a family that for good or bad is part of your story..... Congratulations to all the Graduates of the class of 2010!

Blessings to all of you, Curtis

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