Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thunder storms ~~~~

Last night as we were sitting in our family room, just my wife and I, enjoying our usual peace and quiet. We were afforded the absolute wonder of a Thunder and Lightening Storm.

It was amazing!!! Here in far Northern California we do not get storms like this very often, and to honest when we do we worry about forest fires..... especially this time of year at the end of a long dry summer. But for the moment we sat and marvelled at God's handiwork.

The loud clap of Thunder overhead made the windows and doors rattle with its power. Then of course the Lightening that followed lit up the sky in the canyon. It was so bright that for the moment you thought that it was day light, but then as quickly as it was bright we were plunged into darkness again.

The whole storm lasted for about 30 minutes, and the whole while I was watching in awe of the mightiness of the storm that God had unleashed in our skies. I sat thinking about how small I felt with the wind whipping the trees, and the rain and hail pelting the house.

We opened all of our windows and doors so that we could be totally engulfed in the awesomeness of the storm.

God is like that, he wants to engulf us in His awesome love and power, if only we will let him. Oh how we at times fight that, not allowing God to engulf us in His love. And then when you watch what he can do with our little world, showing us his power in the storm, I am reminded that he can do so much with us if we only allow Him to.

My wife and I sat quietly, as the storm continued around us, both lost in our own thoughts. And then after the storm had quieted down we began to talk about God's Power and Love.

Are you in a storm of your own today? Do you need to feel the wonder and power of our Saviour? He is there waiting, wanting to show you his Love for us.

My prayer today is that you allow God to show you His Grace, His Power, His Love.

For God so loved the world, he sent his only begotten Son, whosoever believes on HIM shall be saved~~ John 3:16

So won't you allow him to Love YOU? Give you the PEACE that surpasses all understanding?

I for today will let God do what he wants, allow HIM to LOVE me, to give me PEACE that surpasses all understanding, won't you? Just think about it, HE is waiting.

Blessings to you and yours


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