Monday, July 26, 2010

Having fun

Yesterday, Sunday, we usually go to Church but not yesterday. I got up and told my wife to get dressed we were going on a road trip.

We got ready I packed a small ice chest with a light lunch and away we went. We got on the road about 9:30 am and we were at the beach with our toes in the sand by 12:30. We are so blessed to live to close to the ocean, not a block away but definitely a short drive. We do not do this often enough. It seems that we get bogged down with life's everyday things, and routines and forget to enjoy, have some fun!

When we were first married we would wake up on a Saturday or Sunday and say let's have lunch at..... San Franciso, Sacramento, Ashland, Eureka, and would get up and away we would go, two young people in love and full of adventure. Over time life happens you have kids, jobs, responsibility's, and you somehow forget to have FUN. Well my friends you must NEVER forget to have FUN because life is way too short. I know this all too well, having lost several people in their early to mid 50's.

We drove, held hands, talked, laughed, contemplated, and just enjoyed the day and what it had to offer as we sailed along. It is these times spent with the one you love or ones you love that become some of the best memories. We walked along the beach as the fog was coming in, it was about 60 degree's, that would be about 45 degree's cooler than where we live. It was refreshing, soul healing, FUN, and relaxing all at the same time.

There is something so calming about being on the beach at the ocean, the rhythm of the waves, the sound of the sea gulls, watching a child discover the possibilities of what they can make with just some sand, a pail and some sea weed.....

I need, long for, time spent at a beach with my wife, just the two of us walking the same beaches that we walked when we were first married, when we were young parents, when our kids were teenagers. I love the feeling of it all, it feels like an old friend, comfortable, reassuring, nurturing. The ocean holds healing for me, it somehow soothes my soul. As I tell my wife I needed a ocean fix.. We go to other beaches, areas of the ocean, but there are two places on the Northern California Coast it is Clam Beach , and in Oregon it is Bandon and it's beaches, both places are calming and healing for me....

So find your healing, calming place, go there to rejuvenate your soul. Have FUN while you are doing it. Remember we are NEVER to old have fun, we at times I think just forget how to. So relearn how to have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself, because this is not a dress rehearsal my friend it is YOUR life, make the most of it. I know that I need this reminder from time to time also.

Blessings to you and yours Curtis & Sherrie


  1. Just found your blog! Looking forward to more posts, I just signed up to follow you.

  2. A beautiful post! I too find healing at the beach. I grew up two blocks from Lake Michigan (which seriously looks just like the ocean - no, I'm serious - it does. After I was married my husband and I would take a walk or a bike ride almost every night to the Lake. We miss that SO much now that we are about 45 from the Lake.

    Thanks for such a funny comment on my blog today! Oh my gosh, I laughed. Camping sure does make for some memories.

  3. What a wonderful trip to the beach...we don't get to the ocean often but I love it. I could sit there forever watching the waves and feeling the cool breezes. Now I need a day trip to cooler was only 111 today in AZ.