Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas wish

It is December 20, 2010, a Monday. This morning I am thinking about Christmas and all that it means to me, to my family, and to others.
Christmas has always been a wonderful time for me, my mother LOVED this holiday more than any other, and no matter what our financial status was we always had a wonderful Christmas. But growing up Christmas was just a tree and presents and spending time with our family, nothing more nothing less.
Then when I was 20 years old I came to know Jesus as my saviour, and from that time on Christmas changed for me.
It is about a baby born in a Manger, to a unwed mother, and her soon to be husband, born of lowly stature, his name....... JESUS. He grew up to be a Carpenter and challenged the thinking of his time, and in his early 30's, he gave his life to save mine, and the world's.
At this time of the year I think of those who are struggling, who have lost their jobs, their homes, a loved one.
And I wishing that someone can be JESUS to them, take time to talk to them, to give them comfort, to reach out, offer support. Because life at times gets hard for everyone and it is a these times that people need us... those who know the Saviour to be JESUS to them.
Can you be JESUS to someone in this Season of Light? I pray so, that each of us can offer someone, a shoulder to lean on, in their time of need.
I close this wishing you a Merry Christmas, reminding you that JESUS is the reason for the Season!!
Christmas Blessings to You and Yours
Curtis & Sherrie

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