Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well Christmas 2010 has come and gone, and now we are quickly coming to the end of 2010..... So today I am reflecting on this past year.

This past year has been filled with hope, joy, sadness, and yes even despair. But through it all God has been faithful.

This year I have said a final good bye to a dear friend, Pat, who always made me smile and laugh, to two Uncles one whom I spent my entire childhood with and one who traveled the world serving in the Air Force.

This year I have watched my youngest son feel the pain of a marriage ending. And was brought to tears by the attitude and grace that he showed through this process. It has not been a perfect process but he has shown me how to be gracious to others and for that I am grateful. He has become a wonderful man and in time he will heal and I pray that he finds someone to love him unconditionally. I love you Nathan.

This year I have watched my oldest son grown in his career, stretching his wings to fly to another city, state to do what he does best. He has always wanted to live in a big city, and this year he has started this process, so in 2011 I know we will bid he and his wife good bye as they move to who knows where to continue their journey in this thing called life. I love you Noah and Kristen.

This year I have watched my wife of 32 years grow more precious to me, and fall in love with her more than I thought possible. People ask us how do you stay married for this long..... and our answer is always the same......one day at a time. I love you Sherrie.

This year my wife and I were able to take the vacation of a life time, going on a cruise to Alaska, thanks to my Aunt Margaret who gave this to us as a gift. We will remember this vacation forever and forever be grateful to my Aunt for her gracious gift.

This year I have begun to write, not only this blog but other things as well, something I have always wanted to, and now I am finally doing it.

This year I started a quest to find my childhood cousins, we have all scattered across the country and lost touch with each other. So I began a search to find them, one by one. And as this year closes I have found all of them and all but one has responded with kindness and great memories. I am still waiting for my last cousin to respond, and even if he chooses not to do so, I still found him and know that he is alive and has people who love him surrounding him.

Yes this year has had great, wonderful moments, filled with love, hope, promise and gratitude. And it also had moments that were not so great, filled with despair, and sadness. But I choose to cling to those things that were positive, keeping my glass half full, because in this journey we call life we have the choice of how we look at things and I choose the positive.

I always start each New Year on a happy note because it is my birthday! I am surrounded by those I love celebrating not only my birthday but the birth of a New Year, with all of its hope and excitement. So my wish for all of you is that you look to this New Year 2011 with HOPE, LOVE, and EXCITEMENT for all that it has to offer you.

I say good bye to 2010, and a great big HELLO to 2011!

Blessings to you and yours and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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