Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evergreen-Barbara Streisand

Today I am filled with thousands of memories, 32 years of memories, you see today May 19th, is our Anniversary. So many years ago two fresh faced, young, we were only 22, kids set out on the adventure of our life, we got married.
We got married in a little Church, Calvary Baptist, located here in our hometown of Redding Califorina. Surrounded by those friends and family who wanted to wish us well, surrounded by their love.
We have done the same for many other couples through our 32 years of marriage, wished other bride and grooms well. There are some who's marriages lasted, and others who fell by the way side.
I wonder all the time, what is it that made us make it this far? How did we weather the storms that came at us? And how have we continued to love each other ? The only answer I can come up with is, GOD. We started our marriage based on the fact that GOD loved us and wanted the best for us. And that no matter what came our way we could see it through with use surrendering it to GOD and letting him help shoulder it. Now this is not to say that we have not had difficult times, we have...... and that either of us at one time or another wanted to just walk away.... we have..... but through all of it, we always came back to the fact that if we just surrendered it to GOD we could get through it, and be better on the other side.
I am a sentimental old fool, love songs, flowers, friends, family, puppies, can all make me cry at a moments notice. So today I found the song Evergreen by Barbara Streisand, that was played at our wedding, and of course the tears flowed, and a smile broke out on my face as I remembered how I felt on that hot day in May 32 years ago, as the notes of this song echoed throughout the Church.
This song has,through the years,always brought warm and wonderful memories of our marriage to me. I have always considered this OUR song.... more than any other. Because our love is soft as an easy chair, we have become two lights shining as one, Ageless and Evergreen.
So today I dedicate my blog to my beautiful and wonderful wife of 32 years, Sherrie. You truly are my Ageless and Evergreen love. I love you more today than I did on that hot May day in 1979 when we said I do!!! You are my heart! Love you now and you are Ageless and Evergreen Love you Curtis

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  1. that is the sweetest thing i've read!!!

    i also wanted to thank you for such an encouraging word regarding emi's mission trip.
    thank you!