Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall, Nesting, going "Home:..... random thoughts

It is finally cooling off here in Northern California, and we are just now really feeling like it is Fall. Cool, crisp mornings, warm afternoons.

We have just finished with Halloween, and now are quickly heading for Thanksgiving. I have always thought that Thanksgiving was the most over looked holiday we have. And yet it really should be one of the most celebrated. Even in this time of financial crisis for our country, for our friends, for family. We all have so much to be thankful for.

It is a time when we all draw closer to home, to those we love. We are not into the rushed Christmas season, we are able to just slow down and enjoy God's bounty. The awesome, beautiful Fall colors, the change of the weather. That first cup of coffee is a bit sweeter as the mornings are cooler, and a bit foggy. We start using our fireplaces and wood stoves. We linger sitting by them longer than we think we should, enjoying the crackle of the fire and the warmth from them. There is no better warmth that that of a wonderful fire in the fireplace.

November is when the year starts to wind down, we only have one more month til a new year dawns. A lot of us cozy up our homes, put on a fresh coat of paint, change out the pillows on the sofa's. Gather branches from our yards with colorful leaves and berries still attached and use them as wonderful centerpieces.

It is also the time that we all long for "Home". What ever that word means to you. Thanksgiving has the most people travelling to get "Home". To their childhood homes if that is where their parents still live, or to a home that is filled with the people they love. We all want, need to feel connected to a time, place and people who not only comfort us but have nurtured us over the years.

It really is not the structure, building, that is home, it is the feeling the you get when you enter the front door. It is the love that are wrapped in by those who are there to greet you. You see home really is about people, and relationships. It is about making memories, year after year, no matter what the physical address is, it is the people to people connection that we make.

So as we move through November, take some time to linger by the fire. Take some time to call an old friend. Open your home to friends and family, and the occasional stranger. Take the time and effort to make those around you feel welcome. And as you make a new memory, a new friend, or renew an old friendship.......... remember to be THANKFUL, for November is the month of being THANKFUL.....

Blessings to you and yours


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