Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Thoughts and Thanksgiving!!

We are nigh into November. Quickly coming up to Thanksgiving. I do not know what your plans for the holiday are, but ours are very different this year.

For the last 20 years we have had every holiday at our home, and we have enjoyed doing so. I love having people over, visiting, gathering the families. We have had some wonderful times around our table. And we will continue to do so. However this year is a bit different...

As I have blogged about earlier in the year, our oldest son and his wife moved 5.5 hours from where we live. He has a job that requires him to work on some holidays, and since this is his first year at this new company, yep you guessed it, he has to work, so they will not be joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. Our youngest son and his wife are spending the holiday with her family, we do have to share, and I must say this is part of being an in law I do not like!!! My father and his wife are spending it with her children.

So that leaves my wife and I, and her parents. We are still cooking Thanksgiving this year.... but it will be for 4, instead of 18 to 20. Like I said at the beginning of this, it will be a different holiday for us. I don't know about you, but for me to even think about cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for 4 people is well it is just NOT right.... I don't even think I know how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for 4!! But I will have to try and learn..... lol

We always have eaten our Thanksgiving meal at 1 p.m. I don't know why but that is when we have always done it, and we will continue to do so. Maybe it is because we have always tried to make it so others can spend time with their family and friends also, after the meal. Make 2 stops to eat on this day of feasting!! Or maybe it is just the way it always has been and I should not even try to figure out why.....

It has always worked for us though, because by 5 or 6 everyone has left our home and traveled to other places. And my wife and I do the same.... We have had dessert with our dear friends Cesar and Tami, for the last 22 years. After each of us has cooked for our families, and they have left, then we sit down with a cup of coffee or glass of wine, get a piece of pie, and reflect... Reflect on those we spent the day with, how it went, and when our kids were younger what time we would be hitting the Black Friday shopping.... We would talk about those who may not have been at our tables this year. Talked about life and it's ebbs and flows.... and in general just relaxed and enjoy each others company.

So what is your plan this year?? Who are you inviting to your Thanksgiving table? Will it be the same as in past years? Or will yours be like ours this year..... a little different yet the same.... for time seems to bring around again does it not?
It starts with you as a young couple, no children, gathering at a relatives home, then as the years go by the gathering changes, as those we love go on, or move on, or just decide to spend it with others....... in any event as we gather to give thanks this year..... do just that....GIVE THANKS .... for where ever you are in life, who ever you are with.... and how ever you spend your day..... GIVE THANKS
Blessings and THANKS to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

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  1. thank you for always being an encouragement.
    i'll be praying for your father and that the doctors have wisdom & each of you has peace

    merry christmas