Monday, April 26, 2010

Community Events

So this week end my wife, my mother in law and our best friend of over 25 years all went to a local event, supporting our Women's Refuge. It always amazes me the giving hearts of people. Four gracious families opened their homes to have strangers trapes through them to see what kind of decorating they have done. All of the homes were wonderfully done, all very different but each special in its own way. But the best part of this event? The hosts and hostesses.... they were all gracious, engaging, hospititable, and just plain good folks..... the goodness of people always amazes me, with so much that goes on that is not good, I choose yes CHOOSE to dwell on the people who do good things, make the right choices, love life, and who are able to not only open their hearts but their homes to total strangers...... yes life is good, and people are also good.... Blessings to you and yours Curtis

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