Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So yesterday as my wife and I were driving into work, we car pool every day that we can, we were both marveling at God's handi work. Everything is in bloom, the Lupines, wild Lilacs, fruit trees, poppies, it is all so beautiful. We were talking and I got the bright idea to stop on the way home and cut some bounty to make some beautiful flower arrangements for our house. Now from the road the flowers look like they are all on a somewhat level setting, but oh NO, once you get out of the car and walk up to them they are all perched on at least a 30 degree angle, you need to be a billy goat to get to them.... No problem I say, I have my trusty pruners in my pocket, and up I go. I must tell you my wonderful wife is sitting in the car offering her words of encouragement, you know I want those up there pointing to a bush at least 75 feet up the mountain... I nod my head and go the bush closest to the road lol. After about 15 minutes of cutting and pruning I have a bounty full of lilacs, to make wonderful arrangements. We get home and I put them on the counter, and guess what? They are full of bugs..... they are crawling every where, my wife does not like bugs, she loves Lilacs but NOT bugs, so she commences to tell me get them out out of my kitchen.... I just shake them into the sink and turn on the garbage disposal, oh go on with yourself , there are millions of bugs a few down the drain is not going to hurt anything .... any hoo where was I oh yeah so after the bug incident, I did get some beautiful Lilac bouquets for my wife to place around our home.... and I tell you all of this to encouage all of your to enjoy this season, stop and smell the flowers, cut a few (if they are not in anyone's yard), the ones I picked were along a country road, because I live on a long country road. Make your wife happy, bring her some flowers and they do not have to cost you a penny, just enjoy, Live is Great! Blessings to all Curtis and Sherrie

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