Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gardening, just some ole dirt

One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE really LOVE a beautiful garden. Now mind you my garden is not always beautiful, parts of it are but not all. When my boys were growing up I purposely shyed away from plants that had thorns, I did not want them to get hurt by a thorny bush. But I have always been in love with Roses, not just any Roses, but those that are not only beautiful but also have a wonderful scent. You see I not only garden for the beauty but also for the scent. There is nothing better than walking through a garden and enjoying all of those wonderful sweet smelling flowers. Two years ago I planted some Peonies, we have lived in this area only 5 years, and I have been experimenting with what will and will not grow. I could not grow Peonies at our last house and I do not know why they just would not grow there.... sorry I digress... so last Friday I was out pondering my flower beds and seeing what had survived yet another winter, and low and behold my Peony was not only up and florishing, it was covered with buds, beautiful, wonderful buds, which will bloom into beautiful wonderful fragerant flowers. I am always so grateful and at times even surprised with my ability to grow anything, though I have had award winning gardens in the past I am always grateful that God allows me to enjoy the beauty of a garden. So just for today, take a walk around your yard, or patio, or balcony or what ever outdoor space that you may have, take it in, enjoy it, look for ways to improve it, but most importantly just thank God for his wonderful garden of life that we are all a part of in this journey we call life..... Blessings to all, and enjoy the day - Curtis

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